Mind Reading

Sushil Jaiswal – An award-winning Indian mind-reader, magician and mentalist will astound your guests through his amazing performance. Sushil Jaiswal is one of the finest and talented Sushil Jaiswal- Magician & Mentalist With his tremendous skill of Reading minds.

Interactive Show

The man who delivers remarkable prowess when it comes to displaying eye-opening magic tricks. The youngest prodigy who performs all kind of creative magic from reading minds to performing Illusions that makes impossible for the audience to resist his charm.

Digital Interactive

Sushil Jaiswal perform Digital magic shows which make shows digitally interactive in India who uses best skills and latest technology with magic to demonstrate a beautiful synergy. He gave magic a digital angle, and now he uses his iPad & some advanced technology to carry out some jaw dropping and creative magic tricks.

Customized Show

Sushil Jaiswal put on customized magic performances at corporate events and conclaves in which he customize the logo or message of your company into creative magic acts.

Unicorn Show as seen on India’s Got Talent

India’s First Duo Mentalist as seen on India’s Got Talent live on the Corporate Stage. He proved himself to the world by making his way into the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.